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Three easy tips to gain Balance in the Rising Trot

We al lknow that one ofthe best ways to help our horses work well, is to make sure we're ridng in good balance.  Using rising trot is a great way of freering your hrose's back, energising the hind legs and encouraging forward movement.

However, I often see riders 'behind the movment' essentially applying the hand-brake and expecting the horse ot pull them along too.  Usually, it is the mechanism of the rising trot that can be improved.

So, other than going up and down in time to the trot, how do you actually do rising trot (sometimes called posting)?  If you've been riding for a while, actually analysing what you do can be a challenge.  Here are three easy mechanisms which will help;

1  Imagine you're trying to push down and forward with your knee as you stand up and then again as you sit down.  You'll feel a bit of a stretch down the front of your thigh while you do this and a forward pull on your seat.

2  You might feel, at the same time, as if your heel is pushing back and down towards your horse's hocks, creating a bit of a stretch down the back of the calf. 

3  At the same time, the hip flexor mechanism at the crease between the top of your thigh and your torso 'pops' out and forward.  You might also feel a bit of a squeezing up and forward with the muscles at the base of your glutes.

These actions can create an incredible amount of lift, power and energy to the trot as you stay in effortless balance with your horse. If you're struggling to find the 'feel', try rising to the trot without your stirrups - yes really.  Without the stirrup iron to push up on, the energy will have to come from your seat and legs.

Let us have some video of you trying this out - a before and after would be great!

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