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Not New Years' Resolutions

So, it's that time of year again when many of us will make a list of resolutions; things we commit to doing; things we must do; things we should do during 2014.  Hmm, wonder how many of us will achieve them and how many will go by the wayside.  Of course, resolutions are just like any other goal in that sometimes, it's not actually achieving the goal that's important, but the fact that it gives us a starting point for our journey.  Even if we change direction on the way, at least we're going somewhere and won't get to the end of the year wondering where the time has gone and what we've achieved.

I'm not really one for New Years' Resolutions.  Not because I don't believe in goal setting, because as you know I do, but because it seems a little artificial to be setting them just because it's a new year.  I get that it's symbolic; new start and all that, but I prefer to set my goals when I'm inspired, not when directed by the calendar. 

However, I do have one goal that I want to share with you.  It didn't come about on the stroke of midnight of 1 January 2014, but as a result of a conversation I had with a colleague at the beginning on December.  We'd been talking about the path that our careers had taken and agreed that many developments had occurred because we'd been prepared to take the opportunities that came our way.  I hadn't really noticed this, but on reflection, every job I've had has been as a result of me seeing an opportunity and making the most of it.  

It got me to thinking about the number of opportunities that I might have missed, simply because I didn't notice them!  The times when I've been disappointed about how things have turned out when I expected them to be something different; how many of these were because I failed to notice something I could have done to make the outcome different?  Of course, this doesn't mean that I have to accept all the opportunities that come my way - I still have a choice - but it seems to me that if I'm not noticing them in the first place, then I don't have that choice!  So, my resolution (though not a New Years' one!!!) is that I will look out for things that might give me opportunities to progress things, whether in my career, social life or play.  These may come at unexpected times, in unexpected ways, but I'm going to make sure I notice them so I can make the most of them.

You'll all know the story of the man who lived in an isolated farmhouse when there was a giant flood (not the thing of fairy tales these days!).  A neighbour comes by in his truck and offers him a lift to safety  The man refuses saying that God will provide.  Some time later, another neighbour comes by in a boat and offers him a lift to safety.  The man refuses saying that God will provide.  Some time later, when the floods are so high he is forced to take refuge on his roof, a rescue helicopter comes by to take him to safety.  Again, he refuses, saying God will provide.  Sadly, the floods took the man's life and he appears at God's side.  During conversation, he tells God that he was a bit disappointed in that he had always believed that he would provide for his safety and yet, here he was!  After a short silence, God replied by asking the man who he thought had sent his two neighbours and the rescue helicopter.  So, the moral of the story is.......... be active in looking out for those opportunities - they might not appear in the guise you're expecting!!

Very best wishes for your coming year, whatever opportunities it brings.

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Replica Watches UK on 04 June 2018 07:24
pencegahan impotensi sejak dini sangat penting agar proses penyembuhan dapat dilakukan dengan mudah.
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Article critique writing services on 15 August 2018 08:58
To be very honest in my whole life I have never made any resolutions. As I don’t believe in it and I just think if someone wants to achieve something in life then this is important to focus on it without any loose point.
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