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March 2013

Change Camp

Well, this Saturday saw another ChangeCamp taking place in Gosforth.  It's a bi-annual event to explore the psychology of change arranged by Andy Hunt, from Practical Well-being.  Despite the challenging weather, we had a great turnout and so much enthusiasm and debate.  The workshop I ran was about resilience through change.  My last blog was about resilience, but this workshop really got me thinking about the change process and why so many of us find it hard.  I think it comes down to fear.

Are you bouncing back?

One of my favourite subjects at the moment is resilience.  The dictionary definition is 'springing back; resuming its original shape after bending, stretching, compression etc'.  I guess this would be most people's understanding of what it is to be resilient; bounce back, get on with life in the face of adversity etc.  But, I wonder if there's actually a more positive aspect than this.  There's something about this definition that seems like hard work, working against resistance, ploughing on etc.
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