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life, camels’ backs and dustbins

When Archi, my rescue greyhound, arrived in my life, he only had one eye.  To be honest, that’s why I chose him (if it hadn’t been him, there was a lovely chap with three legs who looked gorgeous!)  I was told he had had an infection which they couldn’t cure so it had to be removed.  I’ll never really know, but I believe he was probably in a fight with another dog; he’s very reactive to other dogs and we work very hard to keep him calm.  I’ve noticed that some days are better than others, sometimes with no apparent reason.


I'm not sure what your reaction to the word meditation is - you may roll your eyes to heaven, or tune in for more. There are many kinds of meditation, but one of my favourites is that of loving kindness.  You don't need to know the science behind it (although if you're interested, click here) simply play this one I've prepared, and enjoy your five minutes which will have an impact on the rest of your day.

Five top tips for life

Be honest, what do you think of when you think of self care?  Are you thinking spa days, manicure, treating with nice food, maybe a glass of something sparkly, locking the door and turning up the TV? 

If you answered yes, you’re not alone.  And does this all sound a bit self indulgent, selfish even?  And how often do you achieve the above?  I’m guessing you might be struggling to remember and then feeling bad that you don’t do it more often.  Well, I’m not going to tell you whether it’s self indulgent or not, but if you believe that, I do think that it’s probably the reason why you don’t do it – that and telling yourself you don’t have time/money.

My dog's yellow

An unusual post from me today. 

I’m raising awareness of this fabulous scheme and hope you’ll take a moment to read as you can help make these dogs life easier.  If you see a dog wearing a vest like this, or a lead, or the walker is wearing a similar tabard, please help by keeping your dog next to you.  I know this might be a pain, and might momentarily interrupt your walk, but you have no idea what a difference it can make.  Dogs identified like this are called ‘reactive’ or they might simply need some space for other reasons.

Who are your greatest teachers?

I've come to realise that teachers come in many forms.  My dogs (both rescue greyhounds) teach me to be patient and persistent in dealing with their, sometimes, eratic behaviour.  A lacklustre response from my GP taught me to sort out my own health. The young people in my life teach me to see things through another's eyes.  And my clients teach me more about myself than I ever thought possible.  At a recent coaching session, I thought I knew what my client wanted to discuss, so I prepared exactly what I was going to do/say to help her the most.  Until...... we started to chat and I asked her how I could help today.  And it really wasn't what I expected.  Needless to say #thinkingonmyfeet helped us through and, as with all my clients, she had the answers herself.  All she needed from me was a curiosity about how she 'did' her problem along with some tweaking so she could see things differently.  I love my job as I get paid for learning, seeing clients grow and flourish and for meeting some amazing people.  What's not to like?

What does your New Year look like – I mean REALLY look like?

I know, there are many blogs, advice columns etc written about the New Year.  ‘New Year, New You’, ’10 ways to make a New Year Resolution last beyond 2 January’, ‘How to make your New Year the most successful yet’...... you get the idea.  Frankly, these always make me cringe; it’s as if the New Year is the only time I can plan ahead; the only time I can reflect on time gone by or decide what comes next.  It’s not that I didn’t used to do this – I’m amongst the millions of people who’ve made those resolutions, even written them down and vowed to keep a diary to monitor my progress or told my nearest and dearest so they can hold me to account.

How do you ride?

As an experienced riding coach, I pride myself on being able to suss out my riders’ personalities......from the way they ride or approach horses.  Now, I know for those new to riding, cautiousness usually comes as standard – a pretty good strategy when you don’t know the front from the back. However, even how riders approach cautiousness tells a tale. 
For those more experienced, their ‘stuck points’ are often the same as those they might experience in their life outside riding.  I could give you many examples, but I also speak from my own personal experience where my riding coaches often say they want me to develop a bit of ‘edge’ in my riding; ask more, expect more and expect it now.

Confidence - or is it?

I recently ran a confidence clinic atStepney Bank Stables specifically for riders who were looking to get even more out of their lessons by being bolder and more adventurous. We had a fun time with great results.Whilst much of my work involves helping clients develop even better more self esteem, it's always a useful experience to go back to basics and remember that much of the work I do relies on a full understanding of simple, straight forward techniques that can have an amazing effect.  It got me to thinking - in this age of instant access to an increasing amount of information, how easy is it to feel over whelmed by it all.

New Somethings

Hi, Rupert here again.  I hope you enjoyed my last blog.  We've had quite a few new ponies at Stepney Bank Stables recently, and it always creates a bit of a stir when there's a new arrival.  Who will their best friend be? What will their specialism be; our young riders, our show jumpers or our dressage divas?  It's always very exciting!  They come in all shapes and sizes and always bring their own experience and wisdom.
However, I got to thinking about how often we get excited about having a new something in our lives and the implications for what’s already there.

From a Horse's Point of View

Much of the work I've been doing recently has involved working alongside equine colleagues at Stepney Bank Stables.  The horses there are excellent facilitators and getting on for 100 people have experienced working with them.  

There are many aspects of wisdom that horses bring us, including these words from Rupert, one of the horses at Stepney.

Hello everyone; Rupert here.  I’ve been asked to share my wisdom on behalf of all of us about what it’s like for us horses to be on our side of the fence.
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