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Why Stitching?

Well-being is important to us all.  And, there are many ways of achieving it, including through exercise, therapy, socialising.  Did you know that stitching has been demonstrated to be a great way of reducing stress levels too?  There’s a lot of science behind how learning a new skill can have long term benefits including increasing social connections and reducing age-related decline. It’s even been known to help manage pain and improve mental health. In addition, it’s been found that rhythmic, repetitive movement can help improve those feel good hormones, helping lift our mood and increase focus.  It’s also something that can be done in groups or alone, making it very adaptable.

Crochet in particular is easily accessible with a range of stitches that anyone can master.  Participants become proficient very quickly and will see results in a very short time.  Crochet is cross cultural; it’s done in Sweden, Japan, France and Morocco to name a few.  Because it’s adaptable, participants can get as creative as they want, and the work is portable meaning the benefits can be taken anywhere!

What happens?

The coachet (coaching/crochet) programme consists of 6 sessions run every two weeks in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.  Each session is two hours and covers a different stitching technique each time.  During each workshop, the conversation will include exercises to help particpants make new discoveries about feeling good.

These workshops are run with Helen Jones who is an experienced crochet teacher, who will expertly guide participants through each stitch and technique.  The coaching conversations will be led by me.

Is it for me or my clients?

·        Would you or your clients like to become more resilient and able to bounce back from problems?
·        Do you want to raise their confidence and self-esteem or help your own?
·        What would it be like to improve your problem solving, be calmer and be happier or help your clients do the same?

These are all benefits of stitching, and when it’s combined with the gentle direction of coaching conversation, you’ll see the results even more quickly.  So, if you’d like to see any of these changes then, YES, this programme will provide excellent value for money for your clients.

The six weeks will be a closed programme so that participants will gain trust with each other, and learn from each other.  There can be more than one programme running at once if required.

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