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The ongoing debate about the impact that getting on can have on your horse. I know when I learned to ride, all riders were expected to learn to get on from the ground - we didn't give the horses' back a second thought (to my shame). Thankfully as awareness has increased, so has consideration for the horse.  Really good article here about what happens to your horse's back as you mount.  Food for thought......


1    Now running is an exciting programme directed at riders.  Whether you're novice, experienced, weekend rider or competitor, the Rider Development Programme is for you! We'll be coveringe quine psychology, rider psychology, rider balance and body awareness, followed by a session on Apollo, a beautifully schooled mechanical horse. The first three sessions will be with me at Stepney Bank Stables in Newcastle, and Apollo will be helping you with the assistance of his fabulous trainer Joanne Forster from Cote Hill Equestrian.

The next Programme will run at the end of April, so quickly reserve your space by clicking here.

Bookings being taken now for one of only eight places available by contacting Tracey Hutchinson direct. Each of the first three workshops will be £25, or, for a not to be missed discount, book all three for £60. Apollo sessions cost £20; this will include expert tuition from Jo for 20 minutes.

Join us to find your relationship with your horse improving in every aspect

2  Happy Brain started life in 2010 as a creative (Arts Council funded) project to support and inspire teachers and systems that help young people to overcome barriers to learning, success, emotional and mental wellbeing.  It was developed by Kay Cooke, and the exciting news is that Kay will be delivering more training in the North East during this year.  When you want to find out more about this helpful work, click here.  Look forward to seeing you there!

Hands up if you'd like to get away from some unhelpful habits?  Here's the link to the way forward. 

An article  with an interesting view on the labels we apply to ourselves. 

And you might find this interesting; an easy way to retrain your brain.

Do you fancy some bingo?  Try out this bingo with a difference to help lift your mood and improve your positivity. 

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