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Top Five Confidence Building Tips

How would you like to be even more confident when you’re at work, with friends, or perhaps in an interview?  How quickly would you like to use the skills and strategies that have helped top business and sports people such as Bill Gates and Sir Bradley Wiggins get to the top of their game?

Most people would say that they’d like to be more confident at some time in their life.  This might be a generalised confidence, or in specific circumstances for example taking a test, or starting a new job. Imagine if you had some simple things at your fingertips that you could easily do exactly when you need to?

How about trying these top five tips to start your confidence building now?

1   What’s your goal? Define your goal as if in the present, eg ‘I am confident when meeting new people.’  Making something in the present encourages us to do it, rather than something on a list we’ll get round to one day.  See?  You’ve started already!!

2                 Picture in your mind’s eye, completing the goal.  See yourself exactly as you will be when you’re more confident.  You can involve other senses too, hearing the sounds around you, what can you smell.  Who else will be there?  By doing this, you’re already ‘acting as if’ so your body is rehearsing what it’ll feel like or be like when it is successful.

3                 If you were an animal, what advice would you give yourself? Would a cat help you purr with success?  Would a giraffe see how the future turns out?

4                 If you were standing on top of a tall building, what your ‘problem’ look like?  How does this change your perspective to something more positive?

5                 You might have heard of the phrases ‘act as if’, or ‘fake it till you make it’.  These sound quite catchy, but have some truth in them.  Because your body and mind are so closely connected, you can trick your brain into feeling more confident if you persuade your body to behave in ways that you’ll notice in those confident role models.  Now, try standing up really straight, taking a big breath in, relax your shoulders, smile – how good are you feeling?

When you’ve found out how easy these five things are to do and how successful you are, find more and other free resources here  And share the tips with your friends.

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Ryan on 23 November 2017 05:15
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SOFTWARE on 03 February 2018 18:15
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