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From a Horse's Point of View

Much of the work I've been doing recently has involved working alongside equine colleagues at Stepney Bank Stables.  The horses there are excellent facilitators and getting on for 100 people have experienced working with them.  

There are many aspects of wisdom that horses bring us, including these words from Rupert, one of the horses at Stepney.

Hello everyone; Rupert here.  I’ve been asked to share my wisdom on behalf of all of us about what it’s like for us horses to be on our side of the fence.  We love helping people who come to Stepney, whether you come to ride, groom, help out with lessons or attend a workshop.  One of the major differences between horses and humans is how we see.  Our eyes are situated on the side of our heads which means that we can see clearly almost all the way round.  In the wild, this helps us to see any potential predators and find food.  Human eyes, however, are on the front of the head as humans aren’t prey animals, but predators. So, we see the world very differently.  In physical terms that is.  However, when we think about how we live our lives, we horses are much better at living in the present.  Our focus has to be here and now so we can keep ourselves safe.  This is what allows us to give constant instant feedback about how you’re interacting with us; we can mirror your behaviour and mood.  Humans, however, spend a lot of time living in the past (often with regrets), or worrying about the future, which can often cause people to become stuck.  We see a lot of people who struggle to enjoy what is.  One of the reasons for this is that constant chatter which goes on – you know, you’ll have heard it, a running commentary on life, why things have happened (or might happen), and internal observations about what that person thought or why they did that.  There’s lots of advice about how to live in the present, but if this resonates with you, simply spending time with us can do the trick – come along and meet us some day. ‘If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what is.’ –Unknown

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fake rolex on 11 October 2015 03:46
these words from Rupert, one of the horses at Stepney.
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Tracey on 11 October 2015 19:15
he was very wise!

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I read your article to learn a lot and hope to see your next article
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Horses point of view is the best thing
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