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Equestrian Training

As well as helping you develop excellence, Tracey has followed her passion for horses as a Trainer and works with riders/owners from complete beginners through to those competing at national level.

She is a registered instructor with the British Horse Society and a Level 1 Centred Riding Instructor (Sally Swift). Her work has included several British Horse Society and Association of British Riding Schools registered riding schools, and Pony Club, helping clients work towards certificates and exams, including the British Horse Society Stages and the Essential Horse Knowledge Certificate.  Holding a Diploma in Equine Psychology, aligned to the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists, and the International Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Coaching, Tracey is able to focus on the development of the partnership between horse and rider too, ensuring that both see success in their work.

An experienced personal development coach, Tracey offers interactive learning with training adapted to your learning style.  She takes a wholisitic approach, taking into account the horse and rider's physical and mental development, including ground work.  Making extensive use of NLP, Tracey is able to help riders easily and quickly develop their potential.

Known as a confidence giver, Tracey has seen many clients smoothly overcome learning  blocks to go on and succeed in their riding, with the benefits of improved self esteem spilling over into life outside of horses.

She's written these great tips for overcoming the five most common confidence drainers for riders, and this is some of the feedback she has received.

'I achieved my objective - I got onto a horse I'd never been on before and within half an hour I was cantering on her, completely happy, no nerves.  SUCCESS''

'You're my guardian angel, helping me feel more confident and like I CAN do things'
Current work involves being part of the team supporting the North East Wobbleberries.  Confidence Clinics help the Wobbleberries tackle their challenge with ease.

Tracey also runs a unique, fun, four week Rider Development Programme, each session looking at a different aspect of rider development.  This covers equine psychology, human psychology and rider balance and awareness.  The next programme will run in the New Year - for more details click here

Comments about the Programme already include;

'Brilliant workshop - well paced and clear.  Well facilitated exercises and fun!'

'Really good to do live experience of techniques, including relaxation.'

'Fantastic session - so much to take away' 

'All riders should experience this - so much to learn.'

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