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About Us

People Excellence Performance was launched by Tracey Hutchinson in 2012 in response to a demand for professional, knowledgeable support when developing staff or for those individuals looking to be the best they can be.

Based on many years of experience, Tracey specialises in;

*  helping you understand your staff,  growing their performance and enhancing their well-being and making your business more effective.  

* helping you grow and flourish throughout your life whether at work, sport, or play.

She offers services as

Described as a consummate professional and a very positive person, Tracey brings clarity and direction to your people development goals, allowing you to look to the future and see your staff reach their potential.

Tracey has a history of working at corporate level, supporting board members in strategy building and delivery, as well as working in an advisory capacity on change programmes.  She is also providing support for individuals in areas such as confidence building, career decisions, being successful in relationships.

Her skill and experience allows her to work with businesses, in the public sector, with not-for-profits and with individuals wanting to thrive and succeed.

We look forward to working with you and the opportunity to help you make your performance soar.
Positive Energy, Positive Results.



Tracey is based in the North East but very happy to speak with you, wherever you are.

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